Unlocking App Success - How to Turn Your App Into a Mobile Growth Engine

DURATION: 60 minutes, including Q&A

SPEAKER: Alex Austin, CEO ofBranch Metrics

Alex loves building software that solves problems. He thinks Branch links are the greatest thing he's ever built, and may possibly be the greatest thing anyone's ever built. When he's not tweaking his code, Alex likes to travel, hike, and make art out of circuits.

SPEAKER: Josh Todd, CMO of Localytics


Josh Todd is the CMO of Localytics, and is an expert in app marketing and customer acquisition. He's a big fan of analytics and his kids.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS:Internet connection and speakers/headphones. 

Do You Know How to Grow Your App?

Orange_Cover_Slide_-_Webinar_-_Unlocking_App_Success.pngCreating a mobile app is easy. The hard part is making sure it turns into a viable business, not a one-hit wonder. 

That’s why Localytics and Branch Metrics are teaming up to give you a sweeping, 360-degree view of what it takes to build a booming mobile business. In 45 minutes, we’ll reveal the four big stages of app growth, and teach you how to succeed during each one. 

Specifically, here’s what we’ll discuss:

  • The anatomy of a powerful mobile growth engine
  • How to earn, engage, and activate your users into influential app evangelists
  • Real-world examples and lessons from apps that have skyrocketed to success

Plus: Get the inside scoop on how to turbo-charge your mobile engine with deep links and predictive app marketing!

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