Mobile Metrics 101 - Everything Web Marketers Need to Know About App Analytics

DURATION: 60 minutes, including Q&A

PRESENTER: Lucy Orloski, Marketing Director


Currently a Marketing Director at Localytics, Lucy Orloski has been an inbound marketer for over eight years. She started in the lead generation world running large-scale SEM campaigns. As a former HubSpotter, Lucy has first-hand experience moving from websites to a world of apps.

HOST: Annum Munir, Content Marketing Specialist


Annum Munir is a marketer by skill and an artist at heart. By day, she works as a writer and contributes to Localytics' thought leadership content. She's known for adding creativity to everything she produces. 

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS:Internet connection and speakers/headphones. 

Are You Prepared for the App-Driven Future?

Mobile_Metrics_101_Webinar_First_Slide.pngToday, people spend more time using mobile apps than they do sitting on a computer surfing the web. In fact, overall time spent in apps has increased by 21% over the last year!

Listen in and we'll show you how to apply your online marketing skills to the app-driven future. This is your free crash course on the app analytics you need to start paying attention to.

During this webinar, designed for web marketers, you’ll learn:

  • The key mobile equivalents of web metrics to help you gauge your app’s performance
  • How to measure success during all lifecycle stages of your app: from awareness, to engagement, to conversions and closes
  • The similarities and differences between the customer journey online vs. in apps

Plus: Get a detailed introduction on how to do inbound marketing for apps!

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