App Value 101: How I Learned to Avoid Bombarding My Users With Disruptive Messages

DURATION: 60 minutes

HOST: Josh Todd, CMO


Josh Todd is the CMO of Localytics, and is an expert in app marketing and customer acquisition. He's a big fan of analytics and his kids.

HOST: Megan Marrs, Content Marketing Specialist
Megan Marrs is a Content Marketing Specialist at Localytics. She enjoys blogging about the hottest app marketing strategies and chowing down on local food truck cuisine, all while chasing strangers' puppies.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Internet connection and speakers/headphones.

Are You Disrupting or Delighting Your App Users With Your Messages?

app-value-101-transp.pngDelighting app users used to be as easy as a quick, one-off “we miss you come back” push message. But times were simpler back then. Now, delighting your app users means sending contextually relevant, engaging messages based on both behavioral and profile user data.

While this may sound a bit complex, with the right tools, you can master the tricks of the trade in no time.

During this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The major differences between push and in-app messages, and the benefits of both
  • Data-driven best practices for reaching your users in the most valuable ways 
  • The top 10 lessons for delighting your app users with app marketing

*Plus: Learn how predictive app marketing is changing the way you communicate with your app users!

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