The Startup Guide to App Analytics & Marketing

How to prove traction, acquire & delight users, and ensure your app is successful - all with limited time, resources and budget

As a mobile-first startup, you face a unique set of challenges centered around creating a viable business model. You've doubled-down on apps as the best medium for interacting with your audience, and developed a spectacular app to do so.

But how do you grow, improve and absolutely dominate post-launch?

Use this as your guidebook of solutions for anything and everything related to app success, including:

  • The mobile reports your investors actually care about so that you can prove traction
  • How to improve findability and acquire the right users
  • Ways you can invest early in the right analytics infrastructure and start tracking key metrics before launch
  • How to read your analytics and run effective marketing using the team and time you have right now

Plus: Each section includes quick hacks you can do right now, along with tips from startup pros. 

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