Creating a digital customer experience is no small feat. Broadcast messaging and inconsistent engagements across channels all spell disaster for brands trying to win the hearts of their customers. It’s a goliath task to ensure all facets of a digital experience are engaging and cohesive. But that’s about to change. 

In this webinar series we shared how you are able to build a winning digital customer experience strategy. View all three webinars on-demand at your own pace. 

Go Beyond Segmentation to Really Nail Personalized Customer Engagement
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Creating a more engaging customer experience begins with personalization. Engaging with your customers on a personal level is a multi-faceted concept that goes beyond just segmenting your audience lists. Listen to our webinar in which we explored a powerful framework to help you map out the dimensions that create a customized, personal and engaging customer experience.

We introduced the 6 facets of personalization and showed how to apply them to deliver experiences that connect with your customers on a deeper level.

Step Up Your Customer Engagement Campaigns with a New Take on Creative Content

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Next, we took it one stop past personalization. Deliver more compelling messages and drive lasting impressions through the use of rich, dynamic and intelligently personalized visuals in your digital engagement campaigns.

Listen to our webinar that explored the wide variety of options for integrating rich and dynamic content into your digital communications. We covered everything from rich content and GIFs, videos, animations and dynamic surveys, as well as best practices in incorporating these to find success in your own customer engagement campaigns.

We introduced our new partnership with Movable Ink, and how incorporating personalized visuals into your digital engagement campaigns can help brands drive deeper, more meaningful customer experiences.

Omnichannel Engagement: from Buzzword to Reality

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90% of customers expect consistent interactions across channels, are you meeting your customer's expectations? This webinar dives into why we should all embrace an omnichannel approach to personalized customer engagement.

We went over different engagement channels, and how a data-driven, intelligent and integrated approach can take omnichannel engagement from an aspirational idea to an executable reality.

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