Listen in on a recent Localytics customer webinar to discover how machine learning can help you deliver personalized engagements.

Personalization is a complex concept that requires marketers to make a series of important decisions -- from who to target, to what product and offer to deliver, to when and how often to engage. Our latest offering, Basket Rules, helps marketers to decide and identify “the what” -- what products are often bought together, enabling you to craft highly personalized campaigns and product recommendations to your mobile app users. In this webinar recording we will highlight how this new offering will help you to:
  • Find hidden insights that lead to increased cross-sell revenue
  • Send the right message to increase conversions
  • Increase revenue per user by using existing product purchase data
Listen today to learn how Basket Rules can help you identify “the what” -- what products are often bought together and achieve as much as 4X open rates and 111% increase in ARPU

DURATION: 30 minutes,
including Q&A

HOST: Matt Katz


As Head of Customer Success, Matt leads the customer success, professional services, customer support and enablement/training functions at Localytics. 

Internet connection and speakers/headphones. Viewing details will be emailed to registrants on the day of the webinar. 

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