Updated October 2017 to include the latest retail mobile marketing best practices and new examples from brands doing it right. 

Media and Entertainment apps are some of the most successful in the world. But making your media app stand out in an over saturated market is tricky. We’ve compiled a list of 15 different mobile marketing campaigns proven to work for media and entertainment apps, with examples from brands like Fandango, Spotify, Flipboard, and Netflix.

You'll get a comprehensive guide for media and entertainment apps that covers how to:

  • Optimize your app to get the best results from your campaigns
  • Choose the marketing campaigns--push, in-app, location-based marketing, onboarding campaigns and more--that make sense for your app
  • How to increase content consumption through personalized mobile experiences
  • Real-life examples from successful media apps

With a guide like this, media and entertainment apps can check mobile marketing strategy off their list. Fill out the form at the top to get started!

The Media + Entertainment Mobile Marketing Playbook