How to Build a Stellar App Using Acquisition Plan 

Launching your app is an exciting yet nerve wracking time. And while you may think having a solid UX and workflow is your main objective come launch day, think again.

Why? Because 58% of users will churn within the first 30 days of using your app, while 75% will churn by 90 days.

That's scary stuff. And also why having a solid app user acquisition strategy in place at launch time is crucial to whether or not it succeeds.

We’ve done our research and created an in-depth guide for building a stellar app user acquisition plan. In it you'll find a full implementation strategy for pre and post app launch to accelerate growth and set your app up for long-term success. It includes:

  • Step-by-step guidance on key initiatives to run as part of your plan
  • Actionable takeaways from real-life examples of app acquisition done right
  • How to accurately measure your user acquisition campaigns and attract high quality users for long term ROI

So fill out the short form and gain access to everything you need to know about building a stellar app acquisition campaign!

How To Build A Stellar App User Acquisition Plan