The 2016 App Marketing Guide

The Localytics 2016 App Marketing Guide is a comprehensive overview of the major mobile usage, engagement, retention and messaging trends in 2015 that will impact your marketing strategy in the coming year.

We examined thousands of data points to give you insight into mobile in 2016, including: 

  • A look at major trends year-over-year
  • 7 critical data "finds" on app usage, engagement and retention 
  • The 5 critical takeaways you need for a better 2016

Plus, get answers to your app questions, such as:

  • What is the most popular time of day for app usage in my industry?
  • How likely are app users to churn, and when?
  • Does push and in-app messaging have an effect on long-term retention rates?

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The 2016 App Marketing Guide