15 Free Email Templates for Awe-Inspiring App Marketing

Send Better, More Inspired Emails to Your Users

Email is a vital way for apps to reach their audiences - just as powerful as push or in-app messages, intelligent, well-designed emails can win over app users, drive sales, and build better relationships. 

The truth is that apps have the potential to crush email marketing, offering access to much more user data and profiling information than traditional websites. Using that data means that apps can send even better, more targeted emails that appeal perfectly to users as unique individuals.

This collection of fifteen app email templates can be used to:

  • Welcome and get acquainted with new app users.
  • Connect with users who have disabled push notifications in your app.
  • Deliver daily deals, discounts, and recommend related products or content.
  • Re-engage with inactive users who have gone dark in your app.
  • Nurture free app users to a paid version of your app.
  • Remind users to return to abandoned shopping carts.
  • Obtain app user feedback and send NPS surveys.
  • Plus much more!

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15 Free Email Templates for Awe-Inspiring App Marketing